Yogi Products

Yogi is an Indian origin word and a way of life that gravitates towards nature and humanity. It is amply inspired by the Karma Yoga. It is a sum total of our earnest production commitment that adheres to celebrating nature, human values and honest trade practises.

It is a limited production, special red wine blend, exclusively created in France for the French Native who has a fondness for Asian food. It is the first recorded wine of repute in Europe that pairs well with Asian cuisine that encompasses Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese.

The entire process is manual and labour-intensive. Each plant is clearly identified and painstakingly nurtured during growth. The number of grapes in a bunch is kept to a bare minimum to ensure right levels of acidity and sugar content. The excess grapes are removed to purposely balance taste and quality.

Yogi is an Organic wine, certified by AB – Agriculture Biologique. The certification for the AB label fulfils the EU regulations for organic food.


Yogi Wine is a culmination of passion the Eastern and Western worlds share. The exceptional cuvee Yogi Wine is a result of the winemakers’ passion for land and nature. The grapes are sourced from a unique sunny region between the sea and the mountains. The region’s wines attract travellers from all over the world.


Grenache Noir 33%, Syrah 30%, Merlot 22%, Carignan 15%
(Note: The percentage depends on the year and is subject to change)


Traditional maceration in vats exceeds 3 to 4 weeks to create highly expressive wines using uncrushed berries. Being a unique technique, it enables to extract maximum aroma and silky tannins from the fruit. Besides, it also helps to prepare wines for ageing well in the barrels and in bottles.


Agriculture Biologique (AB) is a defined practise that comes under Rules and Regulations of European Union. Organic wine production is taken care of, ensuring all the stages at the vineyards, during vinification etc., up till bottling and storages conform to organic and natural methods.


Appearance: Glittering and perfect lingering Ruby

In the nose: Intense aromas of berries and floral bouquet with a pleasant note of freshness

In the mouth: Generous, vivacious with a lingering finish, light and fine tannins. Hints of berries, pepper, mild tobacco and eucalyptus.


Appetisers: Grilled Spicy Chicken, Paneer Tikkis and Crispy Prawn Masala

Sauce: Kerala minced Korma, Spicy Chicken Masala and Freshly Blend Spicy Fried Lamb

Accompaniments: Perfumed Basmati Rice, Freshly Blend Biryani and Spicy Minced Paratha

Cheese: Soft ripened Goat’s Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Creamy Cottage Cheese and Parmesan Cheese

Serve at ambient 16°C